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Kahn North America is your exclusive distributor for Kahn Design UK, one of Europe’s leading automotive fashion houses specializing in vehicles such as Range Rover, Porsche and Jeep.

“We take the best that exists and refine it. When it does not exist we design it.” -A. Kahn

A. Kahn introduced the Kahn Design brand in 2003.  Today, a world class team of designers, 3d modelers, clay sculpters, graphic artists and technical engineers spend thousands of hours refining A. Kahn’s concepts. The result: a line of bespoke vehicles without parallel.

Our projects are thought out from the ground up.  It begins with the wheels, flows to our aerodynamic styling packages, and finally carries into our signature diamond quilted interiors and accessories.

No two clients are the same and no two projects are the same.  Contact us today to begin creating your custom Kahn Design masterpiece.

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